About Us

Presentation of a property is the most important factor for attracting prospective purchasers. To maximise inspections, photographs need to show large, light and inviting spaces. This is achieved by the careful placement of furniture and artwork and the avoidance of clutter. Everything must be essential to the overall ambiance. Purchasers want to feel at home and need to identify with a property so it is essential to create the perfect balance between the addition of art, furniture and accessories and the tension created by an empty space.

DESIGNED TO SELL provides an unique individual service. Each home is treated differently and is personally supervised by Sally Madden (Creative Director/Owner) and Jay Phillips (Manager). The aim is to emphasise the wonderful and disguise the negative. The ability to achieve this is greatly enhanced by Sally’s background as an artist. Sally is involved with Cube Gallery, an artist run collective in Richmond where she has her painting studio.

“I can remember and match colours perfectly and often paint a new piece of artwork specifically for a particular home to enhance or disguise the colours of the walls or carpet or even the shape of a room.” – Sally Madden

Sally’s huge collection and background in antiques is an advantage when styling homes already partly furnished or requiring an “old money feel”. Her collection ranges from 17th Century English oak to 20th Century retro glass and furniture. “I have collected antiques and the eclectic for over 40 years and this gives us the freedom to be original and create any style appropriate.” - Sally Madden. Jay Phillips brings a youthful perspective to DESIGNED TO SELL installations, keeping them current with new trends.

“I want to keep DESIGNED TO SELL as a small boutique business so that Jay and I can be involved with every project in “a hands on way.” - Sally Madden

“The Real Estate Agent is important to consult with regarding how the property will be marketed and the demographic of potential purchasers. Jay and I like to meet with Agents and clients and develop an understanding of their needs and aspirations. It is great to feel that what we accomplish is a team effort. I am always excited on auction day to see the results we have achieved.” - Sally Madden